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1825 Lindenwood Ave. Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Studio Open House in July!

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Summer Art

Age Divisions: 6-10 / 8-12 /10-14

Just Create Aug-May

Ages 7-11 and

Ages 10 -14

8-10 week Classes

3-6 Students

Art Program Aug-May

Ages 10 -14

36 Weeks

3-6 Students

Private Drawing Lessons

Ages 10 and up

1-2 Students                                   


These are at-the-door drop off and pick up classes. 

Parents do not stay.


 If you would like to visit before the first class please fill out the contact form below.

Enrollment and Policies

Covid Info.

Class Goals

• To provide a positive studio-classroom environment.

• To encourage students to see the world as an artist sees it!

• To share my love of art while teaching the disciplines and techniques of art, as well as motivating students toward individualized creative exploration and development. 

About Me (Judy)

I have a BFA in Visual Communications Studio Art and Graphic Design, with honors, an AS in Commercial Art, and a Drafting and Design certificate. Over the years, I have held several art and design positions. I have also taught children for many years; both professionally and volunteering in the community. Please ask if you would like to learn more.

I grew up in Ohio and have lived in Fort Wayne since 2003. I have been married for 37 years. Our son, his wife and three grandchildren also live in the FW area. I enjoy time with friends, family, church, Bippy (my dog), biking, flower-gardening, reading, nature, and creating art.

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