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Principles of Design 


Student must complete Beginning Drawing

in our Studio before taking this class.

This class will focus on

the Principles of Design.

(Emphasis,  Proportion, Unity,

Balance, Variety, Movement, 

and Patterns).

Each weekly project will focus on one 

of the principles, as students learn

to expand their thinking and

observational skills.

We will  review and apply

the foundational Drawing skills

including the Elements of Art, and

Techniques taught in Beginning Drawing.

The focus of this class is design; 

using the elements of  art as we

consider the principles of

design one act project.

Each class will begin with warm up

drawing exercises,  

sketching, introduction to the lesson

and project,

and guided time to

work on art pieces.

Our project pieces will be created from

live references, still life, and photos.

​Graphite, Sharpies, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and colored pencils

Students will be given 
a sketchbook 
for Class sketching and
Home Assignments

High quality materials will
be provided for studio use.




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Judy Highfill Art Studio

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© 2021  Judy Highfill

The Spanky Doodle

Fort Wayne, IN 46808

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