Dear Parent, 

Welcome to a new year at Lindenwood Preschool!

Please take a few minutes to read these important reminders.




Clothing / Shoes

  • Tennis shoes only- Easy slip on or velcro.  No Croks please.

  • Rain boots and snow boots can be worn when the weather permits.

  • Dress your child in easy to do clothes. No hard snaps or zippers. 

  • No pull over hoodie sweatshirts unless your child is going to leave it on all morning. These are too difficult for children to put on and take off as jackets.

  • Only break away necklaces can be worn.

Back Packs

  • Please have your child bring their back pack everyday. 

  • Wednesdays: Children will bring their show-n-tell item in their back pack.

  • Fridays: Children will bring home their work papers. Please assure that your child’s backpack is empty on Mondays.

  • No food brought

  • No toys brought except for show n tell days (see calendar).



  • Payment is due whether your child is here or not.

  • Late fees apply when not paid before 12pm on Fridays.

  • No cash accepted.

  • Zelle and Pay-pal are the preferred methods of payment.

  • We also accept money orders and checks.​​

Pandemic Precautions:

• Please remember that we are a symptom free preschool. Even if you think your child has allergies.

•We will be running air purifiers with Hepa 13 filters while your child is here. Humidifiers will also be ran as needed.

Disinfecting, hand washing and sanitizing will be routine. At times when recommended, we will check temperatures. Individual seating, spaces, toys and supplies will be provided. Please ask for a copy of our pandemic policies for more details.


• Driveway / Porch drop off and pickup.

The following times are assigned and staggered to allow for parking. If you are not sure of your time, as well as late fee times, please ask.

     Drop off between 8:30-8:45am 

     Pick up between 11:30am-11:45pm


     Drop off between 8:45-9:00am 

     Pick up between 11:45am-12:00pm



  • At any point you would like to set a time to meet or a time to talk by phone, please let me know. Also feel free to email me @

  • Many times I can talk after preschool ends if you let me know in advance.

  • I will text you immediately with any concerns or observations I feel you should know. Otherwise, I will text you occasional updates.

  • Feel free to text me anytime (except during my quiet times between 10pm and 6pm) with any concerns and questions or just to check in.

  • I use Indiana’s Early Childhood Learning Assessments as a guide in my observations. I will focus on and summarize successes, as well as areas that need improvement. These will be sent out beginning in March.


School calendar: Please post in your home for quick reference or save the link to the calendar from our website. - Calendar also included in your enrollment packet.

Year summary of Activities: Please check to keep up on what your child is learning. Posted under school calendar on website. This is also included in your enrollment packet.

Facebook Closed Group

  • We are currently using Lindenwood Face Book page to post photos, activities and updates.

  • Please let me know if you have not received your invite.

  • This group is closed, so only members can view content. Please respect the privacy of those in our group; do not download/repost group pics. 

  • Members who no longer bring their child to Lindenwood are removed from our group.


Please ask if you have any questions.



Judy Highfill

Lindenwood Preschool