Fees may be paid through Zelle or PayPal, or Venmo.
If you pay through Venmo, please add a $2.50 service fee to the cost of the class.
If you are unable to pay electronically, Checks are acceptedbut must be received prior to the first class. If a check is declined, a $25 fee is charged plus digital payment will be required. Please make checks to: Judy Highfill.
No Cash or Money Orders accepted at this time.
No Credit Card payment at this time.

An annual registration fee is due at time of enrolling for a class.
Cost of materials are included in the fee. 
Materials are used in our studio, and remain in the studio at the end of the class.

Classes fill upon a first come, first serve basis.
It is the sole responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to provide The Spanky Doodle with current contact emergency and non emergency information. 

At Enrollment, depending on the class, I may ask that you email, text or message samples of your child's art, so I can get an idea of where they are in their art development. 

Students are expected to be on time for classes and stay for the entire lesson. Do not schedule other activities or leave half way through a class. When lateness cannot be helped, please be no more  than fifteen minutes late. This is a drop-off pick-up class; you are not to accompany your child.

Siblings and friends who are not registered for the class cannot enter the studio. At the end of class, I will bring the class to the front for pickup. Please be here on time. Late pickup will lead to termination of services. 

If a class is full, your child will be put on a waiting list, or another class will be recommended, or your money will be refunded. The Spanky Doodle reserves the right to cancel any class when there is not enough participants. If this happens, you will receive a refund or another class will be offered.

No refunds or pro rated refunds will be given for missed classes.
Missed classes are not transferable to siblings or friends.

Please let us know when your child is going to miss.

Do not send your child when they are not feeling good. We reserve the right to have them picked up if they arrive sick.

If your child is enrolled in a two hour class, they may bring a small snack and drink that does not require refrigeration. Snacks may not be shared due to sanitation and safety precautions.

Parents are responsible for letting us know about any allergies your child may have or develops. This will included in the enrollment permission form.

We will close when FWC Schools are closed due to snow or ice.  If FWCS is meeting remote due to weather, we will still be closed.  All classes will be made-up but possibly on a different day of the week. This set time will be your only chance to make-up the class. Tuition for the canceled classes are non refundable if your child is unable to attend the rescheduled class.

Please dress in clothes that can get messy. When painting, aprons will be available for students, but not mandatory.

No Cameras or Laptops.
Phones will be put away during class.
Please call my cell if you have an emergency.

Ongoing disruptive discipline problems will lead to termination of Art instruction. Parent will be notified if there are any problems.
Please be sure your child is interested in art processes before enrolling them.

The Spanky Doodle Policies are subject to change without notice.

How do I know if this is the class for my child?
What if my child doesn't like it? 

It is important that your child enjoys art and is interested in structured art activities and lessons, before enrolling. No refund or credit will be given.