Art  1

Aug-May  36 weeks

Ages 10-14 - Group Lessons 


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Wednesday Afternoons 4:15 pm - 6 pm


Thursday Afternoons 4:15 pm - 6 pm

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Homework will be given.

All materials will be provided.

Drawing 8 Weeks

Class focus will be on drawing techniques and the Elements of Art . We will use graphite, pens, charcoal, and colored pencils. Included in each class will be warm up drawing exercises, a brief study of materials,  a brief  focus-artist study, and a drawing lesson and demonstration. 

Design Art 8 Weeks 

Class focus will be on the Principles of Design. Included in each class will be discussions and activities related to the Creative Process. We will be using pen, ink, markers and colored pencils. Although this is not a digital design class, students will be briefly introduced to Adobe software.

Painting 8 weeks

Class focus will be learning primarily about acrylics and watercolor, brushes, and various techniques. In each class, we will have a brief study on art history and a focus artist, a lesson that includes a painting exercise, and a paint project.

Mixed Media 12 weeks

Class focus: Applying drawing techniques, the Principles of Design, Elements of Art and the Creative Process,  we will experiment layering with various mediums in our art  (Ex: Watercolors with colored pencil and pen and ink)

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